Arches, Good Citizen Gallery (St. Louis, MO) July-September 2012 Photo: Andrew James


Arches billboard with actual St. Louis Gateway Arch viewed from 2178 Gravois Avenue.


In relation to the billboard project, Arches, Sarrita invited three artists (Jesper Carlsen, Jake Peterson and Gareth Spor) to create augmented reality (AR) projects. While virtual reality creates a virtual space separate from reality, augmented reality takes a view of the physical world (most commonly seen through the camera of a smartphone) and adds interactive elements. These projects are placed at sites near the gallery using geolocation-based AR and seen via the mobile phone app Layar.


Jesper Carlsen
– view from 2178 Gravois
I want you to look at the picture and tell me everything that is going on.
The “picture” in this case has been replaced with an augmented view of the real world. A view (from the vantage point listed above) that actually contains an artwork (the billboard) that in itself reflects on that view of a physical object in space (the Arch). This form, this question taken from a study on brain processing of social information, contaminants any previously held objectivity with the original picture (visual stimuli); thereby emphasizing the subjective element in any gaze in order to invoke new questions: What do I actually see? Who is asking? And, what do they want me to answer?


Jake Peterson – view first location one-block NE of Good Citizen Gallery
Please see the website on a mobile phone for full information.


Gareth Spor – view from Good Citizen Gallery (2247 Gravois)
Saarinen in St. Louis
In 1963, Eero Saarinen designed the iconic Gateway Arch which looms above the west bank of the Mississippi River as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States. Saarinen in St. Louis is an audio video composition in tribute to this monument and, in general, the visual style of Saarinen’s designs. The video was composed from amateur footage of the Arch posted on the internet. The video composition acted as a visual score for the audio which was composed using custom software to precisely define the shapes and arrangements of the sound waves in response to Saarinen’s forms.


Saarinen in St. Louis from Gareth Spor on Vimeo.

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