99×9: multi-channel study (still), 2011.


February 4-12, 2012
Opening Reception:
Friday, February 3, 17-20:00

Open Hours:
Saturday and Sunday


Koh-i-noor presents 99×9, Sarrita Hunn’s first solo exhibition in Denmark.

The focus of this exhibition is 99×9.copenhagen, a site-specific multi-channel video installation composed from nine hand drawn animations from the recently completed series 99×9. This series was started in 2008 when Hunn was inspired by the VJ’s looping animations found in electronic music venues while living in Berlin. Berlin has long been known for the inventive ways aging concrete buildings have been transformed into clubs, galleries and impromptu bars and cafes. More recently, video pro­jectors have been widely used to transform those normally drab cavernous warehouse spaces into tempo­rary multimedia experiences.

The animations in this series were created from combining two variables; a 10 x 10 cm sketchbook that contains one-hundred pages and a set of nine markers that represent the current commercial spectrum of colors, plus black. These nine sets of ninety-nine drawings are scanned and used to produce a variety of projects including; a looping animation, a series of paintings and a set of flags. For this exhibition, all nine individual animations have been edited together to create 99×9.copenhagen, a multichannel composition that responds to architecture of the gallery with the addition of audio recently recorded in a nearby plaza. Like those temporary spaces in Berlin, 99×9.copenhagen transforms the empty gallery into an immersive multimedia experience where the space gives form to the drawings over time.

Dybbølsgade 60,
1721 København V

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